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Internet Security tips

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your computer does not become prey to an online fraudster.

Update your system and web browser

  • Manufacturers regularly release security patches when weaknesses are discovered in their systems and browsers. Check with your software provider for these updates on a regular basis.

Use a personal firewall and anti-virus software

  • This can prevent unauthorised access and viruses being downloaded onto your PC when you're on the Internet.

Check the padlock symbol and site certificate

  • Double-click the padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser when you log-in to FBN Bank (UK) Internet Banking to ensure the site certificate belongs to FBN Bank (UK). This will ensure you're not being duped into entering your details on a 'fake' site.

Keep your personal details secret

  • Never write down or reveal your password.

Be extra wary of emails

  • See the “Scam email” section for all the details.

Check your accounts regularly

  • If in doubt about any transactions, note the details and report it to your account officer.

Always log-out after using Internet Banking

  • Always select the log-out button and never leave your PC unattended while you're logged in to the service.
  • We automatically instruct most browsers not to store your personal information in the cache (memory) as this may be affected by the type of browser you use so always clear the cache yourself.

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