Additional online shopping protection


Dear client,

In line with mandatory customer authentication on merchant sites, please note that we will be asking you more often to confirm you are the real user, when you use your debit card to shop online.

All regulated financial institutions in the UK have added extra security checks when you shop online. This is a component of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). As this is just newly implemented, not all retailers will be ready for the change. Therefore, while shopping online going forward, some of your payments may be declined. If this happens, it’s unlikely to be a problem with your card, but more with the Merchant site. Most merchants and retailers should have their sites updated and ready with this change as soon as possible.

Some of you may have experienced declined payments on some sites, and this is due to the above reason.

Please be rest assured that your card and our systems are working well to help ease your payment options.
**Make sure the contact details we hold for you are correct and up to date.

Thank you once again for choosing FirstBank UK